“APL” is a blog dedicated to the act of recording the things which seem to be “against public life.” It is the consuming and consumptive project of @dollarpark, who began the project during the summer before her third year in a PhD program in comparative literature. She had the notion of concentrating all her efforts instead on the culture of orchids, and sought to use the blog to share photographs of this activity without being subject to the restrictions of a pre-made platform. (“O”)

The blog soon became far more concerned “with itself,” with what happens when one produces a platform for text and image without being bound to a particular theme. This coincided with an increasing interest in the study of sexuality. The author had no known readers for most of this period. Much of the writing done during this period was not deployed to the public, until June 2022. (“A”)

A harsh break and the inception of her involvement with psychoanalysis, both in theory and in practice, led to detransition, associations with new others, a second phase of association with Z, and much more writing. Diaristic “month” entries in particular densified. (“B”)

The author began to write in the form of unsent or “fake” epistles; this marked a certain movement away from the primacy of diaristic writing. (“C”) The next shift in form seems to have involved more attempts to write in more substantial segments, and the dropping of epistolary posts with named addressees. Diaristic “month” posts have also ceased to exist or are no longer dated (“D”).

Periods “C” and “D” are characterized by a more insistent interest in the sexual and in femininity.

It is possible to navigate this site according to the following tags: month, letter, sentence, essay, image, page. This does not account for every kind of post.

“O”: Aug 8, 2021 - Sep 9, 2021

“A”: Sep 12, 2021 - Feb 26, 2022

“B:” Mar 1, 2022 - Jul 1, 2022

“C”: Jul 15, 2022 - Nov 7, 2022

“D”: Nov 14, 2022 -

Against the notion that the website is “against public life,” I have made attempts to write about what the title would mean if it did stand for an explicit set of directives. This updated “about” page is an instantiation of that; others can be found in /about, /march (“13”), and /head.

(January 18, 2023)

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